Wednesday, August 31, 2011

20110828 Alki Beach 5K Walk & Run

From Hiking & Walking

A few weeks ago a friend asked me to join them in the Alki Beach 5K Run & Walk and I agreed to go. Five kilometers isn't a difficult walk and I knew the route would be flat as it was along the shore of Alki beach.

Due to spending the two previous days at PAX the alarm on Sunday morning went off way too early. Yet I still made it up and over to meet my friends in time. It was a very foggy morning and as you can see from the photo I didn't see the sun or a lot of water during the walk. I finished the walk with an official time of 1:03:37. I am going to work on lowering my time for future 5K walks, but am satisfied with my results.

This was the first walk on a new pair of Brooks Beast running shoes that I had bought the week before. In the end the shoes were great as they didn't cause me any discomfort during the walk. Having high arches I like that the Beast comes in wide versions. I believe these are going to be a great pair of shoes for hiking on sidewalks and lighter trails. I'm considering buying another pair to use in the gym.

Finally, I have to say I look damn good in that picture! I don't feel like I've lost that much weight but looking at pictures like that compared to some a few years ago and I can see a positive difference. I win!